Oct. 26, 2008: William Wellman, Jr. announced the release of WILD BOYS OF THE ROAD on DVD, last month, at a showing of the film at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica.

Wellman had just recored the commentary track. The DVD will be released as part of a Forbidden Hollywood Collection in March of 2009. Wellman introduced the film and also introduced John Gloske, author of TOUGH KID. Gloske answered a few questions about Frankie and talked about his book. The film was very well received, and was Frankie's performance. Wellman also mentioned that his mother, Dorothy Coonan Wellman, co-star of WILD BOYS OF THE ROAD, will soon celebrate her 95th birthday!

Dec. 14, 2008: TOUGH KID- THE LIFE AND FILMS OF FRANKIE DARRO is now available on

We are almost there! By the end of January 2009 we should have raised all the money needed for the tribute plaque at The American Cinematheque. Thank You!

March 16, 2008. The money for the plaque as been raised. Once installed a photo will be posted. Thanks to everyone who purchased a book. Frankie will finally have a tribute to him in Hollywood. Check the photo section in the next two weeks for some rare stills supplied by his daughter Darlene.

Be sure to attend the American Cinematheque this weekend for the book signing and the showing of Mayor of Hell and Wild Boys of the Road. Two great Frankie Darro movies.

See you there!